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Why you should consider outsourcing your IT project to Poland.
by Jesse Goycochea

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Why you should consider outsourcing your IT project to Poland.

Why you should consider outsourcing your IT project to Poland.

So you are considering outsourcing an IT project?  Perhaps, your firm doesn’t have the talent in-house to pull it off, or alternatively, your firm doesn’t have the time or money to assemble a team with the right skillset?  Possibly, it’s mostly a matter of cutting costs?

If you have committed to the idea of outsourcing, let me make the value proposition for outsourcing your IT project to Poland.

The first consideration should be the quality of IT developers available. Good developers don’t just happen.

First things first. Poland has a high-quality education system.  The OECD PISA survey of educational ranking placed Poland 5th in Europe and 11th worldwide for science education among 15-year-olds in 80 nations surveyed.  Poland did well in math and reading as well.

Every year, Polish universities churn out IT graduates by the thousands. The numerous international technology firms such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Infosys opening development centers in Poland validate the training IT graduates have received.

In international programming competitions, Polish programmers have achieved success. Recently, HackerRank rated Poland #3 for best software developers by country just behind China and Russia. (link). These results might be far better than some other countries you’ve considered as outsourcing candidates. A country has to have the right stuff to develop good programmers, and Poland has it.

Running a close second, the ability to communicate with the development team is key.  You don’t want to worry about important details getting lost in translation if you make the decision to outsource your IT project here.

For the majority of firms, English is the language of choice or necessity when communicating with a foreign development team.  English is a standard requirement in Polish schools starting in elementary school, and the cultural gap between Poland and other Western countries is minimal to non-existent.  In a recent EF English First English Proficiency Index, Poland came in at #11 of 80 countries surveyed.  The number of language schools one sees walking around Warsaw will impress a visitor about how seriously English language education is taken here.

Looking to outsource an IT project?  The English-speaking IT talent you need can be found in Poland!

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