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Trip to London and UK Umbraco Fest, Nov 1st – 4th 2017
by Jack Malinowski

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Trip to London and UK Umbraco Fest, Nov 1st – 4th 2017

Trip to London and UK Umbraco Fest, Nov 1st – 4th 2017

It’s been 17 yeas since my last visit to London, so I was happy to see what has changed. I filled my backpack with essential items and took a 2-hours flight to the capital of the United Kingdom.

Early evening, I was over the River Thames, watching a magnificent view of the City of London.

It was fun to catch up with my Londoner friends. There is probably the most expensive beer in the world (£6 per a pint), but it is totally worth it.

The next day, I had to get up early because I had business meetings ahead. I took a walk through the city as people were waking.

I noticed a Polish accent as I was walking through the City, Green Caffè Nero – a Polish brand coffee shop. I would grab a cup of coffee, but I am not a coffee drinker. Instead, I continued my way to my business meetings, which appear very promising.

The next part of this day, I spent time with core Umbraco developers. The day before Umbraco Festival is a Hackathon. It is very unique event, where top developers meet to fix Umbraco CMS bugs.

It was the first time that I attended this event. I did my best to add value to the Umbraco community. I found a major bug related to the Umbraco cloud hosting environment. Working with core Umbraco developers, we found a solution, which was quickly implemented, and now, it was merged with the current Umbraco version.

Cooperating with these great programmers was priceless and made me even more confident that being part of Umbraco community improves my programming skills. I highly recommend Hackathon events for every Umbraco developer. It will change your perception of this CMS in general. Umbraco has the most friendly and helpful community, among all technologies I know.

After this very productive day, we went to a pub to continue our Umbraco related discussions and to socialize even more.

The UK Umbraco Festival day

The show went on.

The venue for this event was really exceptional. There were three rooms with concurrent lectures. Thanks to that everyone found interesting topics to listen to.

I found some very interesting topics: “Inherited Project Horrors” by Cogworks, “Why talking is good for your health and your wealth” by Ravi Motha, “Making media awesome using machine learning” by Steve Temple, “What’s new in C# 7… and 8!” by Marcin Zajkowski, and “Headless Umbraco” by Per Ploug.

Furthermore, there were concurrent Community Panels, where everyone could ask questions and give their ideas about the technology and Umbraco community.

It was even possible to talk with the founder of Umbraco, Niels Hartvig.

Neils’ closing session was in his, unique, humorous and to-the-point style. He smashed it and received very big round of applause.

To summarise my trip to London, I would highly recommend attending any Umbraco Festival – there are several annually in various locations. I hope to meet you at one.

High five!

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