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"ASP .NET MVC" as the successor of the ".ASP .NET"
by Michał Słotwiński

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"ASP .NET MVC" as the successor of the ".ASP .NET"

"ASP .NET MVC" as the successor of the ".ASP .NET"


Some history

Mike Anders at the ASP Connections conference in May 2000 presented the first version of ASP+. In the second half of that year after beta testing, it was decided to change the name from ASP+ to ASP .NET. This was the first version of the ASP .NET.

ASP was a revolution

At the beginning of the 21st century, most webpages were created statically, meaning all content had to be manually modified.

As larger, more complex websites began to develop, there was a need to produce content management systems which allowed easy content editing for websites such as online shops.

This new technology from Microsoft allows users to create dynamic websites satisfying the needs of users. Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) technologies were important contributions to the development of the Web helping drive the success of,, and many other popular websites.

ASP technology was a great improvement in that time, but certainly, there were improvements that could be made. To allow the easier creation of extended webpages, Microsoft introduced built-in ASP tags which were compiled to html code. On the one hand, it was an advantage as it saved time to produce custom html code, but on the other hand, it was a disadvantage, because it was really hard to provide custom solutions. This technology had limited capabilities. This technology did not introduce advanced development mechanisms, and due to these imposed methodologies, the source code may become unreadable.

Progress was needed

During 2007-2008, Microsoft created a new technology for web developers. ASP .NET MVC was developed as a proof of concept to show that it was really possible to create a new .NET technology which is based on pattern Model-View-Controller. The MVC pattern aimed to separate business logic, data, and the presentation which is shown to the user. Microsoft enabled the writing of clean, customized source code which greatly reduced problems with testing, debugging, ease of editing and extending.

Benefits of using MVC

Complete control over HTML allowed developers to create Ajax applications which resulted in the easier addition of more responsiveness and interactivity to websites. Easier control over HTML code also provided greater accessibility for implementing compliance with changing web standards. In addition, MVC offered a cleaner interaction with built-in JavaScript, which allowed a developer to create custom functionality to make webpages unique.
Furthermore, MVC enabled the possibility to test each of component in isolation, resulting in more testable and cleaner source code. Of course, writing clean code should be the goal of developers, but MVC, by nature, helps them do it better. Separating the presentation layer of business logic makes webpages faster and more pleasant for the user.


In summary, MVC is yet another step in the direction of Microsoft's practical approach to webpage design and the adoption of new functionalities satisfying the needs of users and developers.

By creating a technology that is much faster to adapt to new standards while allowing greater use and increased performance, large corporations are currently spending millions of dollars on transforming outdated web portals into new standards-based web applications based on the MVC standard. Personally, I think that when deciding on a technology for your web application you should take into account the advantages of the constantly evolving MVC technology and give a contract to a company that will undoubtedly do it with complete professionalism.



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