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4 simple tools used to verify the quality of web solutions
by Paweł Kloc

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4 simple tools used to verify the quality of web solutions

4 simple tools used to verify the quality of web solutions

Sometimes before an important presentation with stakeholders or project deployment even project managers, product owners or CTOs have to roll up their sleeves and test applications. Very often it takes more time than we expect but we need to do it to sleep calm. Thanks to the four tools that I present in this article you’ll be able to test web applications faster and more precisely.

If you develop IT products, during your career you must’ve met at least one person that was able to see even a single pixel shift between the mockup and the final product. I’m not saying that it’s not a problem, but sometimes it takes a lot of effort to notice it. To make sure that the proportions are perfect you might want to use a Google Chrome plug-in called Page Ruler.  It was created to make it possible for a quality assurance specialist to measure the dimensions and positioning of the elements on any web page without any additional software. 

If you need sample content for your text boxes and you are bored by Lorem Ipsum you have to check out Corporate Ipsum. With this browser plug-in, you are able to immediately get a sample text up to 500 words in “corporate style” ready to paste. 

The third useful solution that can help you meet detailed requirements of your clients is Fontface Ninja. It’s a browser extension that lets you inspect, try, bookmark and even buy fonts found on any website. I use it every time to verify if the fonts are the same as in the guidelines from graphic designers.

The three browser plug-ins that I have discussed above can be easily downloaded for free from the Google Play store.

Last but not least, a trick that is really helpful is the shortcut Command + Control + Shift + 4 on Mac or the Snipping Tool on Windows. For some of us, it can sound obvious but we tend to forget about it. Frequently, it is more convenient, and without any doubts much faster, to show something as a picture than to explain it with words. 

Of course, the above solutions do not verify the quality of products that a team you are a part of creates, but they can help you save some time and stress. I use these four tools to be more effective and to make sure that the products created by JMMJ teams meet stakeholders’ expectations and graphics designers’ guidelines.

If you haven’t heard about those tools before, make sure you check them (the links are provided below). If you use any other similar tools that could be useful for this kind of tasks, feel free to share your experience in the comments.

Page Ruler:

 Corporate Ipsum:

 Fontface Ninja:



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