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Productivity 1.0 - email

by Jack Malinowski

Electronic Mail drives your business. Do you use it in the most productive way?

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We have found Xamarin to be an effective tool in our development environment. These 10 questions will explain the benefits of Xamarin.

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Short rundown of the UK Umbraco Festival 2017 and a few days in London filled with business and Umbraco technology meetings.

It was great to see again our Umbraco friends and collaborate to make this technology even better!

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At the beginning of the 21st century, most webpages were created statically, meaning all content had to be manually modified.

As larger, more complex websites began to develop, there was a need to produce content management systems which allowed easy content editing for websites such as online shops.

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So you are considering outsourcing an IT project?  Perhaps, your firm doesn’t have the talent in-house to pull it off, or alternatively, your firm doesn’t have the time or money to assemble a team with the right skillset?  Possibly, it’s mostly a matter of cutting costs?


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We all wonder how to build our website for maximum search engine optimization. To do it well, we have to start with the basics. There are many things that developers do automatically. Developers today build websites  to be consistent with WWW Consortium (W3C standards). Anyway let’s take a close look what we need to know from the start.

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